What other flavours of cake will you be adding to the Slim Sam’s family?

At the moment we are working on Chocolate, which you will be able to get once it is perfect! If you have any ideas about other flavours you would like to try, please contact us.

You don’t have a stockist in my area – can I still I buy Slim Sam’s cakes?

Yes, of course! You can buy Slim Sam’s Cakes through our online shop . We deliver within the UK (via Royal Mail) and the Channel Islands (via Airsure EU).

Are the cakes really lower in fat? Does that mean they are lower in calories?

Yes, we have reduced the fat content by 40%. By using less sugar, we have also reduced the number of calories by 25%.

Why are the cakes in cups?

Our cups (Registered Design) keep our cakes fresher for longer… and don’t they look lovely?